Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after my Visitance free trial ends?

At Jonas Leisure we aim to deliver software that provides real and lasting value for fitness, health and leisure businesses. Our innovative software solutions will transform your business, boost your efficiency, and make your life easier.

Visitance was originally developed to help operators in our industry re-open following the COVID-19 shut down and was offered free to the community as a tool to help comply with local government requirements for contact tracing during 2020.

We've seen adoption of Visitance spread across the globe to industries far beyond our own and are committed to our goal of being '100% FREE FOREVER' to our early adopter customers who joined us during 2020 - regardless of your industry or whether you're an existing client.

For new customers who create accounts in 2021, we're happy to offer our 7 day free trial where you can fully evaluate all features of Visitance. After this time, simply contact our sales team in Sydney on +61 2 9906 7522 to discuss which plan might be best for you.

Once your trial period ends, if you choose not to transition to a paid plan your account will be removed after 7 days and you will lose access to any contact tracing records recorded during your trial.

How does Visitance work?

Once an operator has registered for an account, they create 'Facilities'. 'Facilities' are the individual locations you want to record contact tracing information for and keep real-time occupancy counters on. (e.g. Your Gym, Your Swim School, Your Office, Your Café or Restaurant etc.)

Each facility you create in Visitance will be assigned a unique QR Code which you can either print out using our pre-designed poster, include the QR code (copy/paste) into your own poster designs or can display on digital signage at your entrance using our digital signage solution.

Visitors to your facility are asked to scan the QR code using nothing more than the built-in camera application on their smartphone - there are NO apps to download. Once they've scanned the QR Code, they will be taken to the visitor registration form unique to your facility (which can be branded with your logo and the on-screen text is fully customisable).

Registered visitors can either automatically be admitted to your facility (i.e. count towards your occupancy count immediately) or appear in our dashboard and await manual admittance by your front-of-house team (e.g. you might want to wait until you've sold them an admission ticket prior to recognising them in your occupancy count).

Once a visitor is ready to leave, they simply scan the same QR code again and follow the on-screen prompts to confirm they are leaving to decrement your occupancy count and timestamp when they left your facility. (We also support automatically checking visitors out after a pre-defined time if you can be confident of finite timed visits).

Our real-time dashboard provides operators with a view of who's in the facility and for how long and all the manual tools they need to maintain a compliant contact tracing log. (e.g. manual registrations for those who don't have a smart phone etc.)

Some of my visitors don't see the check-out screen 'Exit Scan' on their phones. Why?

Our goal was to deliver the quickest and easiest solution that will 'just work' for the vast majority of visitors. That meant we wanted a solution that did not require visitors having to download an app from the app-store or type in complicated URL's manually on their phones when they visit.

All iOS and Android smart phones sold in the last few years support automatic QR code detection when you simply point the viewfinder of the built-in camera app at the code and in doing so this will invoke the default browser on that device (Safari / Chrome).

Visitance will then store a cookie on their phone to allow us to automatically recognise that device again during the exit scan. If a visitor is not shown the 'checkout' process, then it means we were unable to store this 'cookie' on their device during their initial registration and this can occur for a couple of reasons:

Importantly for us, you have captured contact tracing information from the visitor and in the rare instances listed above can be overcome using our auto-checkout feature or by manually checking these visitors out via the dashboard.

These scenarios are known issues for which we cannot provide a solution or support for unfortunately.

Do you provide support?

We've tried to make Visitance as intuitive as possible and will aim to update this FAQ page if we discover any processes that may need any extra explination. As Visitance is offered as a free product any support is provided on a 'best effort' basis and given the global adoption of Visitance it's worth noting we can only offer support during Australian business hours.

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